Fitness Challenge Starting Templates

Community-sourced templates inspire fitness challenge ideas and give admins a quick-start using ChallengeRunner

The following challenge templates were provided by our ever-growing community. Feel free to review them for new challenge ideas. As a bonus, each of these challenges are available in ChallengeRunner to quick-start your setup process. Simply select the Copy and edit a pre-existing challenge from our database option when creating your new challenge.

CHC Fall Walking Challenge 2021 - Community Health Center
'BOO'st Your Health! - Morel Ink
1 mile run under 12 minutes - ACA Compliance Group
1 Rep Max - TF MED Role III
1-Mile Run - YMCA of Brandon
10 000 Steps Challenge - Leonardo Worldwide Inc
10 situps - ABC
10,000 Steps Challenge - Badger Meter
100 Days of Running/Walking Challenge - Powerful Reflection PT
100 Days of Summer Challenge - The City of Bridgeton
100 Days Summer Challange - Jewish Community Center
100 Mile Challenge - KNG Marketing Partners
100 Mile Club-Summer 2020 - Altamont Capital Partners
1000000 steps in 100 Days - Service Management Team
10k a Day for May - Sea-Mountain Friends and Family
12 Days of FitMAS Challenge - HB Communications Inc
14-Day Winter Hydration Challenge - Albemarle County HR
2 Hours 2 a New You - Kittitas County Employees
2-Hour Challenge - Sofia de Goytisolo
20 pull-ups a day - Earthtone Construction
200K - GENW Fitness Center
2015 Fall Fitness Challenge - Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett and Dunner
2016 Colony Fitness Challenge - The Colony Group
2016 DPD Ironman Challenge - DPD Ironman Challenge
2016 Healthy Challenge - Grand Blanc High School
2016 Holiday Healthy Challenge - Beat the Holiday Weight Gain Challenge
2016 October Activity Challenge - Delta Private Jets
2016 Spring Team Walking Challenge - Delta Private Jets
2016 Weight Loss Challenge - CU People Inc
2016 Wellbeing Challenge - Henderson Global Investors
2017 Fall Wellness Challenge - Community Impact Newspaper
2017 PC Weight loss and fitness challenge - Pendleton County Cooperative Extension Service
2017 Spring Walking Challenge - Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett and Dunner
2017 Steps Challenge - Glenstone
2017 Summer Challenge - CCI Network Services
2017 Summer Challenge CCM - Castle and Cooke Mortgage
2017 Walk This May - Delta Private Jets
2017 Walk to Win! - Electronic Transaction Consultants
2017 Winter Wellness Challenge - Southington Public Schools
2018 Go Green Challenge - Delaware City Schools
2018 January Wellness Challenge - Millennial Action Project
2018 MHIMA Step Challenge - Michigan Health Information Management Association
2018 Move More Montgomery 100 Mile Challange - Montgomery County Recreation
2018 MSCPA Fitness Challenge - Massachusetts Society of CPAs
2018 Spring Wellbeing Challenge - Golden Calf Company
2018 TGIF - Telular Corporation
2018 Walk This Way - Bridge - Bridge
2019 A&Co Fitness Challenge - Adelson and Company PC
2019 ADES Step Challenge - Advanced Emissions Solutions
2019 Big Three Weight Lifting Challenge - Missouri Army National Guard
2019 Days of Sobriety in 2019 - Cohasset High School Coaches
2019 Football Stadium Challenge - Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City
2019 Montgomery Village Swim Fitness Challenge - Montgomery Village Foundation
2019 MSCPA Fitness Challenge - Massachusetts Society of CPAs
2019 Open Enrollment Challenge - White Lodging Services
2019 Q2 Walking Challenge - City Of Liberty
2019 Spring Champions Walking Challenge - Parking Authority of Baltimore City
2019 Team Kickboxing Challenge - Knockout Kickboxing
2019 Team Move the Chains - Waste Management
2019 Weekly Wellness Challenge - City Of Liberty
2020 Active for Life - Singing River Health System
2020 Alumni Step Challenge - Albright College
2020 Big 3 Weight Lifting Challenge - 3RM - Missouri Army National Guard
2020 MSCPA Fitness Challenge - Massachusetts Society of CPAs
2020 New Year New You Walking Challenge - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
2020 S.N.A.C.K Challenge - Community Funded
2020 Sobriety Challenge - Cohasset High School Coaches
2020 Sprint to Spring Break - Delaware City Schools
2020 Start the New Year off right! - Vermont Electric Cooperative
2021 Diesel Brother Challenge - 2021 Diesel Brother Challenge
2021 MSCPA Fitness Challenge - Massachusetts Society of CPAs
2021 Nonstop Challenge - Hang Tough Foundation
2021 Resolution Refresh - Orthopedic Associates of Windham County LLP
2021 Sobriety - Cohasset High School Coaches
2021 Team Member Change for Life Challenge - 2021 Team Members at The Forum
2021 Wellness Challenge - Skagit Fire District 14
2022 GIVE Steps Challenge - MSUS-Consulting
2022 Spring Forward Challenge - The Center for Sales Strategy
2022 TOMMIE Spring Semester Step Challenge - Mayo Clinic Sports Performance
2022 Yoga Challenge - Banner Quality Management Inc
2022- A new year Challenge - Wofford College
2022-01 LTLW Challenge - Live Thin Live Well
2024 MassCPAs Fitness Challenge - Massachusetts Society of CPAs
2024 MB FIT US National Parks Walk - City of Manhattan Beach
21 Day Accountability (Aug '18) - Work Hard Praise Hard Fitness
21 Days of Winter Wellness - Albemarle County HR
21-Days of Healthy Habits - Pinnacle Performance Institute LLC
21-Days of Healthy Habits - Parker Service Inc
24-hour Self-Care Challenge - Conference Challenges
28 Day Plank Challenge - YMCA Group Fitness
28 Medium....NOT 75 Hard! - Cohasset High School Coaches
2nd Annual Battle of the Holiday Bulge - Anytime Fitness Waukee
3 Miles a Day for 30 Days - 3 Miles a Day
30 Day Active Challenge - Battle Creek Public Schools
30 Day Athlete Challenge - FlexU Performance
30 Day Challenge - Wellnext
30 Day Diary Writing Challenge - Heartfulness Institute
30 Day Fitmas Challenge - US Embassy Beijing
30 Day Fitness Challenge - Canton Township
30 Day fitness/Activity Challenge - Atlantic Forestry Center
30 DAY FLoor Buster - Extreme Networks
30 Day Giving Challenge - Galaxy 1-Digital Skies LLC
30 day I AM HEALTHY Challenge - City Of Liberty
30 Day January Challenge 2024 - Cohasset High School Coaches
30 Day Kindness Challenge - HB Communications Inc
30 Day Misfit Challenge - (DCAC) Data Center Fitness Challenge
30 Day Sip & Sleep Challenge - EMPOWERED by MEG
30 Day Step into Fall Challenge - MedStar National Rehabilitatoin Network
30 Day Water Intake Challenge - Design Concepts
30 Day YPinLex Healthy Living Challenge - Lexington Urban League Young Professionals
30 Days of Fun BHU 2021 - Wellspan York Hospital Inpatient Behavioral Health
30 Days of Well Being - City of Manhattan Beach
30 Minute Activity Challenge - Iowa Communications Alliance
30-30 Fitness Challenge - DaleyFitness
30-day HIIT Challenge - CHANGE fitness
30-Day Squat Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
30-Day Squat Challenge - Astoria Bank
30/30 - Rico's Challenge
30/30 City of Caldwell - H2U West Valley Medical Center
335 Miles for Veterans Virtual Challenge - Veterans Leadership Program
4 weeks 4 workouts Challenge - Join The Challenge
4Mil/Day Madness March Spring to Break Challenge - Albemarle Road Middle School
5 day test challenge Active Minutes - Strong's Marine LLC
5% weight loss - Polar Rush
50 & 100 Mile Club - Recruiting Sub-Station Orlando
50 Days of Wellness from a Distance - Johns Hopkins Recreation
50k - Montemor a Correr
50K- Oh there's NO WAY....OK Maybe - Kittitas County Employees
522 Cardio Challenge - 522 MI BN Cardio Challenge
5K a Day Turkey Trot - The Center for Sales Strategy
6 Nations - Holmewood House Year 8
6 Week Booty Burn - Flex Fitness
6 Week Habit Challenge - The Bar Toowoomba
6 Week Healthy Habits - CrossFit Mass
6 Week Refresh - Commercial Metals
6 Weeks til Summer - Andrews Family
6-weeks of Healthy Habits - Pinnacle Performance Institute LLC
60days Sugarfree - sugarfree
6th Annual Walk for Wellness Challenge - Paula's Choice Skincare
6WTS Rd 4 New Normal - Powerful Reflection PT
7 Week HVS Spring Wellness Challenge - Huron Valley Schools
70th Anniversary Virtual Triathlon - Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District
8 week Health Challenge - 8 week Fitness Challenge
8 week Health Challenge - TNT Healthy Living Accountability Group
8 Week Weight Loss Challenge - Paso Del Norte School
8 Week Wellness Challenge - Relief Care Chiropractic
913 Nutrition Challenge 2020 - 913 Fitness Challenge 2020
99 County Challenge - DeJear for Iowa
A-VOID The Weather - Voices of Intertwined Diversity
ABHS 30-day Wellness Challenge - Apache Behavioral Health Service
Abs of Steel - Milpower Source
Accountability 2021 - Accountability 2021
Achieve the result in 2weeks - College student
ACP S.E.E.D Challenge - Altamont Capital Partners
Activate Your Sleep Challenge - Activate Healthcare
Active for Life Challenge - Singing River Health System
Active Minutes Challenge - DET 5 RSP Company
Acts of Kindness - The Lawson Group
Advisor Websites Walks! - Advisor Websites
Advisory Steps Challenge - Deloitte Advisory
AES Keep Us Healthy - AES Group Ltd
AFD Saturday Step Challenge - America's Family Doctors
Aikman Club Training - Aikman Club
Air 1000 Challenge - Albemarle County HR
Albright Alumni Step Challenge 2022 - Albright Alumni Association
Allegro Healthy Lifestyle Challenge - ALLEGRO SCHOOL OF MUSIC
Alpha Challenge - Cake by the Pound
Alpharetta's Hydration Challenge - City of Alpharetta
American Heart Health Fact Sheet - New Castle Building Products
Annual Walking Challenge - Santa Barbara County
AP Walking Challenge - Ashworth Performance
Apache Wellness Challenge - Strength Beyond Strength
APFT Prep Challenge Fall 2019 - Missouri Army National Guard
APFT Prep Challenge Spring 2019 - Missouri Army National Guard
April Activity and Accountability - Cohasset High School Coaches
April Buddy-Streak Challenge - Tube Bending Concepts Inc
April Challenge - Maiden Steppers
April Stay-at-Home Workout Challenge! - Missouri Army National Guard
April Wellness Madness - Fillmore County Hospital
Aqua Challenge - Just Move Fitness
ASDA Steps Competition - American Student Dental Association at Pitt
August 2018: Real Food 25 - Iron Fit Performance LLC
August 2022 - Ergonomics - Rural Sourcing Inc
August Ab Challenge - HB Communications Inc
August Leg Tuck Challenge (2020) - Missouri Army National Guard
August Stretch Challenge - Burgh Healthy Hub
Autumn BQMI Challenge - Banner Quality Management Inc
Avention Fall Challenge - Avention OneSource Solutions
Avention Winter Challenge - Avention OneSource Solutions
BA Wellbeing Challenge - The Home Depot - Brand Advocate Team
Back on Track with Profile - Profile by Sanford
Back-To-Reality Challenge - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Balance and Harmony - Rural Sourcing Inc
Baldwin County Destination Challenge - Symbol Health Solutions - Laura
Baldwin County Step Challenge - Symbol Health Solutions - Laura
Balking Challenge - Rahul Self
Basic Weight Loss Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
Basic Weight Loss Tournament - ChallengeRunner LLC
Basin Spring Wellness Challenge 2019 - Basin Health Companies
Battle Royale December Step Challenge - 2016 Fitness Battle Royale
BCPS 3 West Fitness Challenge - Battle Creek Public Schools
Be Fit BINGO - Big Horn County School District #3
Be Well Challenge - Capstone Development Partners
Be Well Challenge 2019 - White Lodging Services
Bear Hug Challenge - Backward Arrow Modern Fitness
Beat Your Coach - Alicia Foerster
BeKind21 - Rural Sourcing Inc
Belimed B-Steppin' 2018 - Belimed Inc
Beta Pi 30-day Walking Challenge June-July 2020 - Omega Psi Phi - Beta Pi Chapter
Better Sleep Month Challenge - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Better Yourselves A-1 Way - A-1 Fence Group
Between a Walk and a Hard Pace - Shumaker Loop and Kendrick LLP
Biggest Loser (Team) - GPA - Challenge Templates
Biking Challenge - Intact Financial Corporation
Black Knights -- Shield Your Health - Harris Regional and Swain Community Hospitals
blackPOPhealth Get Moving Challenge - Population Health Links
Blokes vs Sheilas - Tioga County
Blood Donation - New Castle Building Products
Blood Donation - New Castle Building Products
Blood Pressure Challenge - Texas Department of Transportation
Blue Buffalo Fall Fitness Challenge - Blue Buffalo Company
Bobst March Challenge 2020 - Bobst North America
Bod4God Week Two - Trinity
Body Composition Competition - Nomura International Hong Kong
Boot Camp 2019 Fanshawe SWC - Fanshawe Student Wellness Centre
BPEG fitness challenge - Brookfield
Breathing 3x3 Challenge - The Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Brebeuf Jesuit Summer Weight Loss Challenge - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Buddy-Up Challenge - Youth Villages
Burn the Bird - Altacare Flathead Region
Burpee 30 for 30 - RFP Training
Burpee Challenge - 1221st Transportation Company
C.O.P.E. Challenge - Youth Villages
CAC READY to Step and Water Challenge - Chester Alumnae Chapter of DST
Caching in on Spring! - Athabasca University
Calder Step Challenge - Calder Casino
Callexcell Fit - Callexcell
Calorie king - Rushcutters Health
Calvary Unity for the CommUNITY Fitness Challenge - Calvary Unity for the CommUNITY Fitness Challenge
Can you run more than the XPO? - United States Coast Guard Station Sandy Hook
Cardio Crosswind - CPC Wellness Centre
Catching Zzzs - Ni River Middle School
CCI Wellness Challenge - Commercial Credit Inc
CCI Wellness Challenge - Commercial Credit Inc
CDCN Walk the Year Challenge - Consumer Direct Care Network
CDGS Step Challenge - Microsoft
CFBNJ WELLNESS Sign Up Challenge - The Community Food Bank of New Jersey
CGHS Wellvember Team Challenge 2015 - Central Gippsland Health Service
Challenge1000 - GreatRunners
challenge250 - GreatRunners
Channel Swim Challenge 2023 - Maui Family YMCA
Children's Walk Step Challenge 2019 - Roche Fitness Center
Choose to Lose - Tresta Inc
CHS Tennis Fitness Challenge 4/29/20-5-5/20 - Cohasset High School Coaches
CHSI 10,000 Steps Challenge - Community Health Systems Inc (FQHC)
Circle of Champions 2024 - Meathead Movers
City Hall, Get Moving! - City of Danbury
City of Auburn Move Your Shoes Step Challenge - Symbol Health Solutions - Melissa
City of Auburn's Step Across the States Challenge 2020 - Symbol Health Solutions - Melissa
City of Newnan Step Challenge - City of Newnan (NEWN)
City Wide Fall Step Challenge - City of Taunton
Clash of Embassies -- Amman vs Bangkok - Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand
CoCo Hydration Challenge - Construct Connect
Collective Phitness Challenge - The Greek Collective
Colorodo Trail Summer 2021 - Wofford College
Commit To Be Fit - Trussway
Complete a 5K under 40 minutes - ACA Compliance Group
CON CATS STEP CHALLENGE (CCSC) - University of Kentucky College of Nursing
ConSense QM Run - ConSense GmbH
Consistency Compounds - Summer 2024 Wellness Challenge - Applied Connective Technologies
Cook a healthy meal - New Castle Building Products
Coosa Valley Fitness Challenge - Coosa Valley Medical Center
Countdown to Summer Slimdown - Countdown to Summer Slimdown
Covid Epi Program Wellness Challenge - Tri-County Health Department
CPP Steps Up - CPP
Create a Night Time Routine MARCH - The Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Creating a Healthier YOU - Symbol Health Solutions
Creative April Fitness Challenge - Creative Packaging Company
CREC Pro-Staff Test Challenge - Portland State University Campus Recreation
Crestwood 6 Week Challenge - 58 Fitness LLC
CROSSTOWN STEP OUT - Procter and Gamble
Crossword Wellness Challenge - City of Morganton
CrunchEnergyChallenge - Pure Standard
CSAT Summer Step Challenge - CSAT-Solutions LP
CSW test challenge - The Cambridge School of Weston
CTC Portland to Portland Virtual Challenge - Cleveland Triathlon Club
Cutting Back on Sugar - Alive Fit and Free
Cycle Sensation - Morel Ink
Dad Bod Challenge - Dads at NBCU
Daily Activity - Primary Freight Services Inc
Daily Workout Challenge - Callaway Cloud Consulting
Daly Brokerage Challenge - Daly Insurance Brokerage Services LLC
December Dashing & Prancing - Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio
December FayFit Challenge - City of Fayetteville
December Fitness - Cohasset High School Coaches
December Free for All - Slalom Houston
December Reverse Crunch Challenge - Missouri Army National Guard
Defeat the ''COVID-15'' Challenge! - Affinity Engineering
Deltas-Only Red S.H.O.E. (Rockland County) - Delta Sigma Theta - Rockland County Alumni Chapter
Der Speck muss weg - ConSense Test Account
DeSimone's Spring into Wellness - DeSimone Consulting Engineers
Destination North Pole - OSU- Center for Health Sciences
DFS December Walking Challenge - Donnelley Financial Solutions
DFWS Semi-Annual Step Challenge - Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits
DISH Health and Wellness Challenge - Dish Health and Wellness Team
Distance Challenge - Walk for Wine
Distance Team Challenge - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
District 3 Agent Spring Challenge - Pendleton County Cooperative Extension Service
Divine Mercy Challenge - Warriors of His Mercy
DMS 90 - Digital Media Solutions
Do It Your Way Relay - Big Horn County School District #3
Dogs days of summer 2018 - Beacon CCHC
DPC Team Challenge - Vodafone
Dream Team 100 - Arise Peloton Dream Team PFs
Dry-ish January - Cohasset High School Coaches
DSV Challenge - DSV Air and Sea
Duluze Challenge Women's Teams of 2 - Duluth News Tribune
Dump the Junk Challenge - Atlanta Flooring Design Centers Inc
Early Morning Challenge - Woodland Elementary
Earth Day Team challenge - City of Midland
Eat the Rainbow! - CORTAC Group
EC Wellness Month 2015 - EC English Language Centres
EDGE Fitness Challenge - Edge Fitness Challenge
Edison State March to Fitness Olympic Challenge - Edison State Community College
EMCBC Step It UP Challenge - Williams Challenge
Emotion and Mental Health Month - Rural Sourcing Inc
Encompass Mindfulness Challenge - Encompass Digital Media
End of Year Challenge - Torrez Fitness
Energize Your Plate - Americom
Energize Your Plate - Granite Group Benefits
ESRS Step Challenge - Microsoft
Everglades Trek Step Challenge - City of Lake Worth Beach
Every (wo)Man for them self - Operating Engineers
Every Sip Counts - Summit Racing Equipment
Explore More - We Can Become
Faculty/Staff Fall 2016 - Marshall Campus Recreation
Faithful Families- Beech Grove - McLean County Extension Office
Fall 19 MSU Walking Challenge - Missouri State University Student Wellness
Fall 2018 Step Challenge - Pearl Companies
Fall Back Into Fitness - Kingsburg Elementary
Fall Back into Fitness 2021 - CSUN-Student Recreation Center
Fall Fitness Challenge - Delaware Department of Finance
Fall Fitness Challenge VLP - Veterans Leadership Program
Fall Into Fitness - City of Decatur
Fall Into Step Walking Challenge - Independence Blue Cross
Fall Walking Challenge - Urban Innovations
Family Fitness Challenge - Clear Lake Parents Group
Feb/March Health Challenge - Jubilee Worship Center
February 2017 Step Challenge - OSU Portland Center
February 2018 Ironman Challenge - Cohasset High School Coaches
February 2020 Body Trophy Challenge - ONSITE Woodwork Corporation
February 2023 - Heart Health Month - Rural Sourcing Inc
February Burpee Challenge! - Missouri Army National Guard
February Fitness Fun - Cohasset High School Coaches
February Fitness! - Homerton Hospital Emergency Department
February Frigid but Fit - Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio
February Fun 2021 - Cohasset High School Coaches
Feel The Burn - Milpower Source
FHFM Fitness Challenge - Family Health Foundation of Missouri
Fietsuari - Maricolen Maldegem
Fit Families Challenge18 - Centre Moves
Fit10n - Active Bodez
Fitness challenge - Brookfield
Fitness Flurry - CPC Wellness Centre
fitness goal - 1968
Fitness Insider 2016 Restart - Fitness Insider
FOKG 52 HIKE CHALLENGE - Friends of Kings Gap
Foley Fall Fitness Competition - Symbol Health Solutions
Forest Home Fit 2020 - Forest Home Church of the Nazarene
Forever Fit Olympics - Forever Fit San Diego
Forum Step Bet - Forum Fitness
Founder's Day Walk to Memphis - Albany Chapter jack and Jill of America inc
Friends 2022 - OTJ Architects
Fruit and Veggie Challenge 2020 - Wallace Welch and Willingham
Fruits and Veggies - Rocky Bayou Christian School
FSS Summer Fitness Challenge - 439 Force Support Squadron
Garden Meditation - New Castle Building Products
GE DC Fall 2018 Step Challenge - General Electric - DC Office
Gear Up Challenge - Whayne and Walker
Get Fit 2019 - NotaryCam
Get Fit Challenge Hickman County - Hickman County Extension FCS Program
Get Fit For Fall - Farmers Mutual Insurance Company
Get Fit for Fall Step Challenge - City of Doraville
Get Hot for Holidays 2019 - BeachSide CrossFit
Get Moving January Challenge - Kitchens To Go built by Carlin
Get on track - Core Body Fitness Training
Get Ready & Register! - Snapping Shoals EMC
Get to Steppin' Challenge - Events Committee
Get up and move! - Dr Mikesell's Crew
GetActive2017 - Associated Engineering
Getting There Together Summer Step Challenge - Association for Mental Health and Wellness
GHS Walking Challenge - Grandview Heights Schools
Give It Up Challenge! - Missouri Army National Guard
Global Virtual EmpowereD Well-being Challenge - Global EmpowereD Well-Being
Glockner Weight loss Challenge - Glockner Enterprises
Go the Distance! - Morel Ink
Go! Go! Go for the Dough $ - Clinton County Government
Gobble Wobble Walk/ Fun Run 5k - City of FIllmore Parks Recreation
GoGirl Fitness Virtual Fun Run - GoGirl Fitness Studio
Goose Grinder - Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service
Grant County Biggest Winner - Grant County Cooperative Extension
Great Day for a 5K - Great Day Squad
Green Light, Red Light, Eat Right - York General Hospital
Group Ex Tester Challenge - Fanshawe Student Wellness Centre
GSSEM May Mental Wellness Challenge: Healing in Nature Patch - Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan
GTH Fit Club - Gardner Tanenbaum Holdings
GTWG Spring Wellbeing Challenge - Galen Online Wellness Crew
H&W Summer Walking Challenge 2019 - Quest Diagnostics
Half Marathon Challenge - Test Organization
Happy Planksgiving - Ni River Middle School
Hattrick Walking Challenge! - Hattrick Marketing
HB Life 28 Day Squat Challenge - HB Communications Inc
HB Life's April 30 Day Arm Challenge - HB Communications Inc
HB Life's June Plank Challenge - HB Communications Inc
HB Life's May 30 Day Leg Challenge - HB Communications Inc
HDEC Summer Moves - Hype or Die Endurance Club
Heading into May the Healthy Way - Veterans Leadership Program
Heading to the Beach! - Bank of St Francisville
Health and Wellness- Quarantine 2020 - Paper Street Crossfit
Health E Step Challenge - Pur Wellness LLC
Health Habits 2021 - Striley - Jodie
Healthy and Homemade Challenge - OSU- Center for Health Sciences
Healthy At Home Coronavirus2020 Challenge - Corporate Health Partners
Healthy Choices 2017 Challenge - AUSTIN UTILITIES
Healthy Eating and Nutrition Challenge - Aspire Health Alliance
Healthy Eating Challenge - Lake County Government
Healthy Heart, Healthy Mind Healthy Body - Kingston HealthCare Company
Healthy Holiday Challenge - November 2020 - Missouri Army National Guard
Healthy Holiday Challenge December 2020 - Missouri Army National Guard
Healthy Holiday Challenge! - Missouri Army National Guard
Healthy Holidays - Pentec Health
Healthy Hornet Challenge - Emporia State University
Healthy Lifestyle Clinic - Le Bonheur Healthy Lifestyle Clinic
Healthy Livin' in the Windy City! - White Lodging Services
Healthy Meal A Day Challenge - Circon Environmental
Healthy Union Walk of Life - Student Union Oklahoma State University
Heart Health Week Challenge - County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania
Heart Healthy Food Challenge (Feb) - The Community Food Bank of New Jersey
Heart Your Health Challenge - Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
HKS 2018 Wellness Challenge - Harris Kocher Smith
Holiday Challenge 2018 - Folk Fitness
Holiday Hustle - Pharmacy
Holiday Hustle - Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio
Holiday Hustle Challenge - Capstone Mechanical
Holiday Wellness - Albemarle County HR
Homer Steps Up! 2018 - South Peninsula Hospital
Homer Steps Up! 2024 - South Peninsula Hospital
Hoofin' It Through the Holidays - Aegis Health Group
Hooray Beer - The Diplomatacks
Hop Into Wellness - Johns Hopkins University
Hospice LifeWalk 2021 - The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County
How long can you skip for? - YMCA of Brandon
HQ Take the Stairs - Texas Department of Transportation
HR Step Challenge - Independence Blue Cross
HR Week Step Challenge - Arrowood HR CARE Team
Hub City 100 Miler 2017 - City of Hagerstown Parks and Recreation
Hub City 100 Miler 2018 - City of Hagerstown Parks and Recreation
Hub City 100 Miler 2019 - City of Hagerstown Parks and Recreation
Huron a fitness challenge - Huron Capital
HWH Fitness Challenge - Honey We're Home
HWL Walking Challenge - Bibby Offshore
Hydrate & Eat Fresh Challenge - Apex Endodontics PLLC
Hydration - Citizens State Bank
Hydration Challenge - Clearwave Health and Wellness
Hydration Challenge - Speech Source Therapy Inc
Hydration Challenge - Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church
IAO girls - MOC-IAO
IBC Operations/ Maleno Org. - Independence Blue Cross Service Operations
IBM Bedford Summer Fitness - IBM Canada Bedford Centre NS
IDWeek Step Challenge - Infectious Diseases Society of America
Imbuko Step it Out - Imbuko Wines
Improve my Sleep challenge - Providence TriFit
Increase Resilience 30 Day Challenge - Anthem Onsite Health Coaches
Indecomm's 10,000 Steps a Day - Indecomm Global Services
infermeravirtualSC - Barcelona Nursing Council
International Sisterhood Retreat Step Challenge - Tokyo Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta
Isolation Challenge - Symmes-D'Arcy
J-Term challenge - Rotc Lutes
January 2017 - Bangkok Patana School
January 2019 Hand Release Push-ups - Missouri Army National Guard
January 2022 Walking/exercise challenge - Cohasset High School Coaches
January 500k - Yummy mummies
January Challenge! - Solie Fam
January Dreams - Anne Grange Health
January New Decade New Challenges - Tube Bending Concepts Inc
January Steps Challenge - Loft9 Consulting
JCEC Get Fit Challenge - Harris Regional and Swain Community Hospitals
Johns Eastern Walk to Win - Johns Eastern
Journey from Winter to Spring Break - University of Northern Iowa
JTC 100 Ab Challenge - Join The Challenge
JTECH Summer Health Challenge - JTECH Medical Industries
July 2018: 1500 Minutes in 31 Days - Iron Fit Performance LLC
July Burpee Challenge - HB Communications Inc
July Mountain Climber Challenge! - Missouri Army National Guard
July Step Challenge - GE Healthcare Logan Site
Jump into June - Work Hard Praise Hard Fitness
June Fitness Jumpstart Challenge - Our Place Learning Center
June Miles Challenge (running miles only) - Missouri Army National Guard
June Step Challenge - Texas Health Fort Worth Fitness Center
Junior Ducks Water Challenge - Junior Ducks 8u AB
Just Do It June! - Rudd Equipment
Just Move It - Leonardo DRS Inc
Just Move It 2016 - University of Alabama in Huntsville
Just Move June - City Of Liberty
JVM Steps to Wellness - JVM Realty
KA Winter Wellness Challenge - Kingston Athletics
Kane Health Counts Summer Shape Up - Kane County Health Department
Kay Walktober - Kay CHD
Keeping Pace with Penny - Lincoln County R-III School District
KenDUCKY Derby - Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation
Kentucky HOSA - Kentucky HOSA
Kingston Tour 2022 - Kingston HealthCare Company
Kingston Tour 2023 - Kingston HealthCare Company
Kliky master - Chytry kluci
KP Lihue Health Challenge - Kaiser lihue
KPMG Chicago Pilot - KPMG Chicago - Pilot
Lac qui Parle Health Network - Lac qui Parle Health Network
LCCS Wellness Challenge 2016 - Lumpkin County High School
Learn at Work Week - Liberty Utilities
Let's Beat 2020! - Moody Nolan
Let's Visit Santa! - Columbia Health Services
Let's Walk for NETs - NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia
Lets see those fall colors - Kittitas County Employees
Lifepointe Fitness Challenge - Lifepointe Church
Links to Healthy Living - My Test Org
listening challeenge - lotfi doukha
Live It Out! Wellness Challenge - Dismas Charities INC
Live Well Challenge - White Lodging Services
Long Walk - TPR Enterprises
Los Correcaminos SID - Induveca Mercasid
Lose to Win Challenge - Community First Bank
Loving Every Step Challenge - Academy of General Dentistry
LPR Steps Challenge - City Of Liberty
LWCC Get Moving -February - Light of the World
M&M Bank 10K a Day Step Challenge - Merchants and Marine Bank
Maintain, Don't Gain Challenge - EBMS - JPT Admin
Make IT Happen in May! 31 Days! - We Are PlayMakerz INC
March 2019 Steps for Vets Challenge - ND American Legion VAR
March into health month - Operating Engineers
March into Spring - Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio
March Motivation - Cohasset High School Coaches
March Movement Challenge - ITB Accountability
March Step Challenge - ND American Legion VAR
March Walk - CEI Grit 2B Fit
Mastering Meal-Prep Challenge - OSU- Center for Health Sciences
Maxim GNR Walking Challenge - Maxim Integrated
May Bike Month Challenge 2023 - Harris Kocher Smith
May Stay-at-Home Workout Challenge - Missouri Army National Guard
McLaren Walktober Challenge - McLaren Engineering Group
Med Twitter Fitness Challenge - Med Twitter Fitness Challenge
MediQuant get's healthy...ish - MediQuant gets healthyish
Meditate for Heart Health (Feb) - The Community Food Bank of New Jersey
MEF Walktober 2016 - MEF Associates
Mental health fact sheet - New Castle Building Products
Mental Wellness Challenge - Department of Behavioral Health
MeS Steps Challenge 2019 - Merchant e-Solutions
Meyer Step Challenge - Meyer Family
Michigan vs Michigan State - City of Midland
MIL-141 (Remote Learning Update) Workouts - MIL-141 (Physical Training)
Miles for Millions 4 Week Challenge - Leaf Home Solutions
Mind, Body, & Soul Challenge - Woodruff Property Management
Minot State May Marathon 2021 - Minot State Wellness Center
Minot State Walking Club - Minot State University
Mission Slimpossible 2022 - Sutphen Corporation
MLP Fun February Challenge - Lawrence Twp School District
MOCK AF/MSC Challenge - MABOFitness
MOGUARD Fitness Multi-Challenge 2018 - Missouri Army National Guard
MOLO 2016 - Redwood City - Baby Boot Camp
Monthly Mile Club - Team Mom Life
Moree Muscle Muster - Moree Muscle Muster
Morey Court Corporate Clash Walking Challenge - Morey Courts Corporate Clash (MC3)
Morley's Biggest Loser! - Morley Moss
Most steps in 30 days - AIM Watershed
Move Arizona 2024 - Life and Work Connections Human Relations
Move More 2021 - CSUN-Student Recreation Center
Move More Challenge - Oliver Winery
Move With Me Challenge - Pure-trition
Move Your Body! - Folk Fitness
Movember Walking Challenge - Tuesday Morning
MoveMoreAtTheOffice - Coplin Health Systems
MoveWithMe2020 - Pure-trition
Moving for Earth - Ware Malcomb
MS Spring Wellness Challenge - McLaughlin and Smoak Benefits
MSM April 2024 Wellness Challenge - Manhattan School of Music
MSU Virtual Step Challenge 2020 - Michigan State University - College of Education
Muscle March - Prospects Likely Inc
MVP March to 1M - Million Veteran Program
NAIOP DL Virtual Fitness Challenge - NAIOP Northern Virginia
National Have Fun at Work Day! - New Castle Building Products
Never Miss a Beat!! (Feb) - The Community Food Bank of New Jersey
New (School) Year Challenge - ChallengeRunner LLC
New Crew November Challenge - Powerful Reflection PT
New Year - New Beginning - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
New Year Dance Challenge - Move Through Life Dance Studio
New Year Healthy Lifestyle Challenge - Physicians Realty Trust
New Year's Daily Dash! - Maine Veterans' Homes
New Year's Rock Your Resolution Challenge - Retro Fitness of Austin
New Year's Walking Challenge - G and K Management Co Inc
New Year, Better You 2021 Virtual Health Challenge - Chevron Richmond Refinery Fitness Center
New Year, Better You! - Digital Media Solutions
New Year, New You - Infused Nutrition
New Year, New You! - Fierce women lift
New Year, New You! - Muhlenberg County FCS
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New You Healthy Habits - Youth Villages
Next Level Super Fit - Financial Joy Institute Pte Ltd
NHC Six Week Wellness Challenge - National Hauora Coalition
NMU Fall 2016 Activity Programs - Northern Michigan University
NMU Winter 2017 Activity Challenge - Northern Michigan University
No Excuse 30 Day Water Intake Challenge - Bay Area Youth Services Inc
No Sugar Added - Novocure
November Step Challenge - Miamisburg City Schools
Nurses, Compassion in Action - WRNMMC- Nurses Association
NWT Walking Challenge - Allied New World
NY to CA - NYC to LA
OAFA Winter 2017 - University of Pittsburgh Admissions and Aid
OAFA Winter 2017 Fitness Challenge - University of Pittsburgh Admissions and Aid
October challenge - Wofford College
October FayFit Challenge - City of Fayetteville
Olympic Gold Medal Challenge - City of Midland
Olympic Steps Challenge - Procter and Gamble
OmniVision Pilot Walking Challenge - OmniVision Technologies
One Punch Man Daily Routine - One punch man
One small step for man, one giant leap for BKK - New Zealand Embassy Bangkok
OP Middle USG Challenge - Trimble Tekla
OP North USG Challenge - Trimble Tekla
OSORA Walk Challenge_July 2019 - OSORA Step It Up Challenge
Our First Wellness Challenge - Kitchens To Go built by Carlin
Overall Wellness Challenge - Jake's Finer Foods
Palfleet Challenge - Palfleet Tiffin
Parkside's Step It Up Challenge - Parkside Financial Bank and Trust
Participation Challenge: July 2020 - Rural Sourcing Inc
Pay It Forward - Wolters Kluwer- Hagerstown
Pedometer Challenge 2 - Engineered Equipment Inc
Phillip's Hydration Challenge - Phillips Patnership
Photo Ops Challenge - Youth Villages
PHT Step Into August - Portneuf Health Trust
Physical Activity Challenge - Cornwall Service Canada
Pi Day Challenge - City of Midland
Pick YOUR Two - MagMutual
PICNIC by Mamis - Mamis Vancouver
Picture Perfect - Lincoln County R-III School District
PIEM Commit To Be Fit - PIEM Commit To Be Fit
Pizza Hut Walking Challenge 2023 - Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne
Plank Challenge - YMCA of Brandon
Planking Alone Together - Johns Hopkins Recreation
Planks A Lot - Hylant
Platform Innovation SKO - ServiceNow Platform Innovation
PMAM GCactive - PMAM GCactive
Portland Steps 2016 - Town of Portland
POS Challenge - 453SQN WLM FLT
POWER 60 Wellness Challenge - AVI Foodsystems Inc
Pre-holiday Temptations Smackdown - Fillmore County Hospital
Project BoB New Year's Challenge - Project Becoming our Best
ProSight Wellness Step Challenge - ProSight Specialty Insurance
Provocarea Supereroilor - Boiciuc Academy
PSU Walktober 2018 - Portland State University Campus Recreation
Pueblo County Tournament of Champs - Pueblo County Wellness Program
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Push It - Nutrabolt
Push-up Challenge - YMCA of Brandon
Pushing The Limit - Milpower Source
Quality vs. Safety - TeamQMD
Quarantine Challenge - Chestnut Gets Fit
Quarantine Mind Body & Soul Challenge - Northwestern Benefit Corporation
Quest Walking Challenge - Quest Diagnostics
R&O Half Gallon Challenge - R O Construction
Race to the moon - Hyderi Nisa Sports
Race to Zero Virtual 5K - 190th Air Refueling Wing
Rad Onc Road Trip - The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Ramadan Challenge - KFS RUNNERS ( Ramadan Challenge )
Ramah Berkshires 2021 5K Challenge - Camp Ramah in the Berkshires
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Readying for Turkey Challenge - Piedmont Public Library
Real Food Challenge - Brillio LLC
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Recipe Challenge - The Community Food Bank of New Jersey
RED S.H.O.E. -- The Convention Edition - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated
Reduce Your Caboose! - RailWorks Coporation
Refined Sugar Free for 33! - Albemarle County HR
Relax Sessions - H2U West Valley Medical Center
Relay to Belize - Educational Service Center of Northeast Ohio
Remember December - Hyperformance Athletics
Residents: Get to Stepping Challenge - OSU- Center for Health Sciences
Resolution Revolution - JVM Realty
Resolution Revolution - LJ's Test
Restoring Mind and Body Challenge 2020 - Mountain-Pacific Quality Health
Revolution Auto Group Get Fit - revolution autogroup
REVUP 2019 - Liberty Athletic Club
Roche Children's Walk 2021 - Roche Fitness Center
Rowing League - GymBuzz Limited
Royal's Memorial Day Health Competition - Royal Truck and Equipment
RPCA - Walking 4 Wellness 2018 - City of Alexandria
RU Spring Fitness Challenge 2019 - Rutgers University
Rucker Fitness Challenge - Rucker Fitness Challenge
Run The Firm - SML
Rural/Tribal Med. Ed. Workout Challenge - OSU- Center for Health Sciences
SageView Wellness Challenge - SageView Advisory Group
Sanford Luverne Employee Wellness Challenge - Sanford Luverne Medical Center
Save your Vision - New Castle Building Products
SB DDS wellness challenge - Office group
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Screen Time Challenge - McLean County Government
See A Better You Transformation Challenge - SWDCA Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc
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SETA Walking for Fitness Challenge - Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA)
Setp Into Summer Challenge - FIU College of Medicine
Sexy by Spring Break - Moving 4 Life
Sexyback - Messer Construction Company
SGC Faith in Motion - Shady Grove - Faith in Motion -
Shake Off 2020 - Lifepointe Church
Show me your Zyia workouts - Zyia with Krissy
SHS Meditates - School of Health Sciences
Sister City Challenge - City of Midland
Situp/pushup challenge - Resource Family Retention Recruitment Team
Six Month Average - 2 - City of Midland
Sloth and Proud 5k - The Sloth Run Club
Small Steps...Big Change 2023 - IMC NICU Sandi Guillen
Snack Swapping and Water Consumption - RGT Wealth Advisors
SNY Balagana 2022 - HSS Austin
Solar Steps Challenge - Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Sole Survivor - Gritman Medical Center
Solid Core Challenge - Beach Club Babes
South Central Total Steps - Axis Communications
Spectrix Wellness Challenge - Spectrix Analytical Services LLC
Spinutrek Challenge - 2022 - MH - Spinutech
Spiritual - Healthy Haxtun
Spot Challenge - Academy of General Dentistry
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Spring into Action! - Jana Heath
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Spring into Fitness Challenge - Shumaker Loop and Kendrick LLP
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Spring Sweet 16 Team Challenge - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
Spring Training - Swagger State
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Sprint To The End - Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
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St. Matthew's Fall 2019 Fitness Challenge - Saint Matthew's University Run Club
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The Biggest Loser Challenge 2023 - Rhythm Management Group
The Brandcast Step Challenge - Brandcast Health
The Great Race - Bellevue and Chicago - Donnelley Financial Solutions
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The Mile-a-Day Challenge - Global EmpowereD Well-Being
The Nutrition Mission 7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge - South Peninsula Hospital Employee Wellness
The Quad Squad - Circles
The Shumazing Race - Shumaker Loop and Kendrick LLP
The Whittle Waist Challenge - Rudd Equipment
The Whole 30 Day Challenge - Firstbank NORT
These Shoes Are Made For Walkin - Urban Academy Laboratory High School
Thriving Not Just Surviving - ENTRUST Technology
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TM WALKS - Tuesday Morning
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Train Like A Champion - 2024 - Bay Area Youth Services Inc
Train Like Champion - Bay Area Youth Services Inc
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Trek to the North Pole - Athabasca University
TRI-K Fall 2019 Step Challenge - TRI-K Industries
Trivia Step Challenge - OSU- Center for Health Sciences
Turkey Day Run - Orchard View Schools
Turkey Terminator - Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service
UB Step Challenge 2020 - University at Buffalo
UMass Moves - University of Massachusetts
Under Armour Fitness Challenge - Under Armour Contact Center
United Weight Loss for United Way - Marcus Corporation
UoA Business School H&W Week Step up Challenge - University of Auckland Business Scohol
UoA Health & Welness Week - University of Auckland
Virtual 5K - Accident Fund Emergent Holdings
Virtual Fitness TEST - Rutgers University
VLP Healthy Habits 2021 Kickoff Challenge - Veterans Leadership Program
VLP Staff Distance Challenge - Veterans Leadership Program
VLP staff hydration challenge - Veterans Leadership Program
VMA 2020 - Villa Maria Academy
Votiva 2020 - WELLNESS CHALLENGE - Yokogawa Votiva Solutions
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Walk for Wellness 2021- WLFN Community - Williams Lake First Nation
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Walk to Waco! - Walk to Waco
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Walk-tober Turkey Trot - Tioga County
Walk30 Burnaby-New West 2022 - Living Streets
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Yellowstone - Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General
yogis get fit - and save Mari's life!! - Harbor Springs Public Schools
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