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Field LabelField TypeData EntryFrequency



Steps tracked via activity tracker device and synced with Challenge Runner App

Teams will be made up of 5 participants

Note: Should there be an odd number of participants, we may have some teams with 4 or 6 participants. The team prizes are awarded based on average number of steps and will not be impacted by having too many or too few teammates.

Team Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Winner is determined by the highest average number of steps during the 90-day challenge period (calculated as total steps per team/number of participants per team)

Individual prize awarded for the participant with the highest total steps during the 90-day challenge period

Minimum Steps To Qualify for Prizes: Each participant on the winning teams must achieve an average number of steps per day greater than or equal to 5K steps per day to qualify for the team prize (MEETING OUR D1 GOAL IS EVEN BETTER!)


**In the event of a tie, the winning teams will split the prize**