ChallengeRunner Styling, Branding and Integration

The ChallengeRunner platform allows styling updates for branding purposes or embedding in external websites

Branding and Styling:
The ChallengeRunner platform allows Commercial Edition customers to brand the site with various styling effects.

Challenge administrators can upload their own logo which will appear in the upper left hand corner of the webpage. In some cases, the logo will be resized to fit in the confined header space.
Administrators can change the background and foreground colors for the page, headers, and buttons to match their own corporate branding.
Font Size
Not only can font color be changed to match your branding, font size can be modified for populations where this may be a factor in usability.

Embedding and Integration:
To take branding and integration a step further, the platform allows Commercial Edition customers to embed the ChallengeRunner website within the clients own website.

iFrame Embedding
A simple website element allows certain websites to be embedded within others making them virtually indistinguishable from the parent site. ChallengeRunner not only allows this practice but, when detected, removes the standard header and footer and modifies other features to work seemlessly inside the client webpage. View the Demo page To see this in action.
Single Sign On
If your website currently requires that users log in with an ID and password, the platform can use your current websites authorization to log them into ChallengeRunner. While this is not as simple as the other branding and integration items mentioned above, it is certainly possible with some additional coding. Please Contact Us for more information.