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Welcome to the first ever Polymer Resources “Working and Walking Together” challenge! This program will run for 8 weeks and has a different challenge each week. Here is a list of those challenges:

  • Week 1- 8K steps /day
  • Week 2- 8K steps/day & 48 oz. water
  • Week 3- 8K steps /day & 30 active minutes / 3 days
  • Week 4- 8K steps/day/5 days & 10K/day/2 days
  • Week 5- 8K steps/day & 64 oz. water
  • Week 6- 8K steps/day & 30 active minutes/4 days
  • Week 7- 10k steps/day
  • Week 8- 8k steps/day & 30active minutes/4 days & 64 oz water

For every challenge you meet you will earn a point. If there is more than one challenge for the week you will earn a point for each challenge met. Those points will determine which raffle you will be eligible for to win prizes. Winners are chosen randomly via a random name picker website. There will be a weekly winner and once you win a weekly challenge your name will be taken out of the running for any future weekly winnings, but you will still be eligible for the grand prizes. There are three levels of grand prizes that are determined by the amount of points you have. Prizes are as follows:

Weekly $25.00 gift card (Choices to be determined by location)

Grand Prizes

3rd Place $50.00- Need 8- 12 points to be eligible

2nd Place: ½ Floater Day* & $50.00- Need 13-15 points to be eligible

1st Place: 1 Floater Day* & $100.00- Need 16 points to be eligible

All data must be synced to Challenge Runner by Midnight on Sundays during the challenge. Any data entered after that will not be awarded a point for the challenge even if it was met.

Happy Walking and Working Together!!!

*Floater days must be scheduled in advance and approved by your manager

Please note- each location, Farmington and Rochester, will have it's own set of prizes.