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Consark - How fit are you? How are you getting fit?

With fitness being one of the organization goals at Consark for 2017, this challenge is to motivate you to move towards a fit you..

Stepping more and tracking those steps is the first and the most basic thing one could do in the road to getting fit…

So, how many steps did you get today?

If you use a tracker device or a tracker app ( devices such as fitbit, Miband, Misfit, Jawbone or tracker apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health), use the daily step count on that to input your daily steps.

If you do not use one (ideally, you should at least use the app on your phone to track the steps, if not a tracker):

- Base Steps - this would be 2,500 steps per day

- R/W Steps - if you went for a run/walk, use the kms run/walked x 1,100 steps for the day. For eg, if you went for a 3 km run, your step count would be 3 x 1100 = 3,300 R/W steps (please use an app such as Strava, Nike Running, fitbit, Runtastic or any other similar app to track your run/walk)

- Sport Steps - if you played any sport (including aerobics, Zumba etc) that day, add 4,500 steps for each hour played, proportionately. For eg, if you danced for 45 mins, add 45/60 x 4,500 = 3,375 Sport steps for the day

- Total Daily Step Count would be sum of Basic Steps, R/W Steps and Sport Steps (remember, this is only if you DO NOT USE a tracker device or mobile tracker)

In case you do not have a tracker device or do not know how to use a tracker on your mobile phone, please reach out to Anand Krishnakumar.

Please be honest when you record your daily entries. There could be surprise checks too J

Also – when you make an entry, ensure you are logging for the correct date. You can log your daily steps upto ten days after the date but not beyond.