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I need your help. Over the holiday season a person usually gains 7-10 pounds. Last year I did just that. I invite you to this exercise challenge to help support each other for the next six weeks with some healthy goals. 


  1. Measure your success. Take a picture. Record your current weight. Take some measurements. A before and after snapshot of your success is a great way to measure the work you are doing and to help you find ways to improve on your goals.
    • You dont have to share your numbers or pictures, unless you want to.
  2. Write down a goal. Create one (or more) daily challenge(s) for yourself (to drink so much water, to work out every day, to log your calories, to lift weights, to run for 30 minutes, to achieve your 10,000 steps, etc. ). We all have different goals, so do what you need to do.
    • Write these goals down, you can use this format or your own.
    • If your goal is to do something every other day or twice a week, that's great! Just log it on the days you do it. You get a point for the goals you accomplish each day you accomplish them.
  3. If you achieve your challenge each day, log it! If you complete more than one challenge each day, give yourself multiple points.
    • For example, if your goal is to log your calories and work out for 30 minutes AND you achieve both of them today, give yourself 2 points. If you only logged your calories but didn't work out, give yourself 1 point.
    • Since we are all doing different challenges, be reasonable about the goals you set so that we all have the some opportunity to win. (Ex. Give yourself a point for an activity, not 1 point for every 10 minutes you work out.) Remember - the goal is to challenge yourself!
  4. Support each other. I have created a Facebook group where you can share what you are doing, ask for support or advise, report your successes and get help with motivation from each other and help one another.
    • Please check in at least once a week for a point. Each time you participate (sharing a healthy recipe you found, sharing a YouTube home workout video you enjoyed, etc.) you can recieve a point within reason. 
  5. This is on the honor system, so be honest! 

If you want to participate with the awards it will be a suggested $10 per person for this six week challenge. You are welcome to participate in this challenge with all of us even if you do not pay your fee, you just will not participate in the awards at the end. (Check, Bank transfer, or PayPal)


  • All active participants will be entered into a drawing for a 8 week training course with exercise videos and nutrition suggestions, that can be downloaded and used over again.
  • The top people with the most points logged at the end of the challenge will be awarded with gift certificates to Famous Footware OR other sportsware store to purchase new work out clothes! 
    • This is all dependent on how many of you participate. 
    • Prizes are not final and suggestions are appreciated. (Whatever motivates all of you - these are just things I wanted.)

Thanks for your help in keeping me ontrack this Holiday season. I hope it will be fun for everyone! This is my first time running something such as this and I would like to help it run smoothly. I really am excited for all of you friendshiping and community support.