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In a month from now, your energy level will get such a boost, you will crave going to the gym, get things done and feel more rested, happier and more accomplished. Being a part of a community will motivate you to do energy-building activities every day. As a trigger for building this habit, we will use Spirulina Crunch, an incredible natural alternative for coffee. It gives you energy which lasts throughout the day and lets you push the limits that you thought your body had. 

The challenge is set to start on March 1 and last for 21 days. 

You can still participate in the challenge if you don't use Spirulina Crunch, but it's highly recommended. You can get the Crunch at a discounted price at "http://www.purestandard.com/pages/crunchenergychallenge" target="_blank" >www.purestandard.com/pages/crunchenergychallenge . You'll get 20 daily portions of the crunch (you'll use half a portion for the first two days). 

Join to reach for the stars - once you have that extra energy, it's up to you to use it to get to accomplish your dreams, be it a perfect body, a startup project on the side or just being a happier parent who has the drive to run around with his or her kids. 

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