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The goal of the challenge is to eliminate or at least cut back on sugar. Get your body feeling good before the holidays hit.

Things you will learn in this challenge just by signing up!

What are some foods that sugar is hidden in?
What are other names for sugar besides “sugar”?
What’s the recommended amount per day an individual should eat?
What does sugar do to your body?
How does it affect your mood?
How does it affect your energy?
How does it affect your physical appearance?
How does it affect your overall health?
Tips to cut back on sugar.
Sugar substitutes – are they a better choice?
What to eat when you want something sweet.

Rules to earn a wellness point toward your wellness incentive...

1. Track your food intake on my fitness pal (or any other tracker you like) or on this challengerunner.com site.

2. Send your BEST day and WORST day of sugar intake from the previous week to Vickie every Monday for during the challenge.