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Stepping into Your Health 2019

January 28th- March 31st

If good health is your goal, the Wellness Department has a plan to help you get on track and stay there! Stepping into Your Health 2019 is a 9-week walking/whole health challenge that is a launching pad to looking and feeling your best in 2019. It combines team support, a healthy dose of competition, and health-enhancing habits to keep you motived.

We challenge you to improve your health and walk 2 million steps as a team by the end of the 9 weeks!!

Getting Started and Challenge Rules

  1. There are 7 daily activities for which you will be able to earn points daily. Track completed activities on the ChallengeRunner website and/or the free app. If desired, visit your app store to download the app on your phone. Keep in mind, some functions are only available on the website (ie resetting your password).
  2. Before starting an activity, click on the red Description button next to each activity to read the requirements and for more details. You’ll also get insider tips on how to earn extra points.
  3. Points and leaderboards are live, allowing you to track your own progress as well as team standings.
  4. Have fun and cheer for your peers!

Activity Descriptions:

Walk at least 10,000 Steps Daily = 1 Point

  • Earn .5 points for taking 5,000-9,999 daily steps and earn a full point for taking 10,000 or more daily steps.
  • You must wear an accurate pedometer/fitness tracker to track your daily steps or manually select the option that applies to you.
  • All 10,000 steps must be completed in one day to earn the point
  • Certain fitness trackers can be set up to sync with ChallengeRunner. Please do not sync more than one device. Also, please note, employees have been having a lot of problems with the Samsung devices.

**PLEASE NOTE: You will be limited to 10,000 steps and 1 point a day but walking more is highly encouraged!

Stretch 10 mins Daily

  • Stretch as a work day break, or before or after your workout.

H2O Intake: 64 oz. Daily = 1 Point

Sweet Free Daily = 1 Point

  • Yes that one M&M counts as well as the Splenda you put in your coffee!
  • Earn a point for each day you are able to avoid all sweets/desserts (cookies, cakes, candy, chocolate, ice cream, brownies, etc.).

GO DARK for at least 1 Meal Daily = 1 Point

  • Shut ALL electronics (TV, computer, tablet, phone, etc.) off and enjoy a distraction free meal with your family, friends, coworkers, or yourself.

Sleep 7-8 hours Daily = 1 Point

5, 10, 15 DailyChallenge Daily = 1 point 

  • Complete 5 Push-ups, 10 Sit-ups, & 15 Squats, modify or subsitute as needed