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Educate|Motivate (Lincoln County R-III Wellness Program), is coordinating a 4-week walking challenge designed for LCR3 employees to track steps for a healthier YOU! This year’s challenge is a “journey challenge”. Which means we are challenging you to pick one of four destinations and walk there with the number of steps you take in your daily routine. To add to the fun we are going to try to keep up with Dr. Penny along the way!


If you have injuries that prevent you from walking regularly, have no fear, you can convert your minutes of “non-walking” activity into steps.



To participate and be eligible for prizes, you will need to:

  • You will need to register for the program online at challengerunner.com no later than the end of the day on 9/16/16.
    • Decide how you will track your steps (see below).



All steps will be tracked through the challengerunner website this year. In order to do this you will need to sync your wearable device to your profile. Compatible devices for this site are fitbit, JAWBONE, Garmin, Misfit, or a fitbug. You can also use any device with the Moves app. This app is a good choice if you are using a regular pedometer or if you are doing other activities such as biking or swimming that you need to convert into steps.


Have you logged into Rally for 2016-17? If not, you can do so at "http://www.werally.com/" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" >www.werally.com and claim $$ towards a gift card to purchase your own wearable of your choice!


Pedometers are also available to borrow through the wellness program.  


Weekly Prizes:

  • One individual will be drawn each week for participation.

 Grand Prizes:

  • Eligibility for the Grand Prizes requires the participant to complete ALL four weeks of the Walking Challenge.




Registration: September5th – September 16th

Challenge dates: September 19th – October 14th


Register with the ChallengeRunner website and chose your tracking device/app (see above).




This journey is customizable! The overall goal for each participant is to take as many steps as you can throughout the day. Research shows that ideally we should take around 10,000 steps (5miles) each day. However, if you aren’t ready for that level of activity, we have set other milestones along the way! Below is the path we will take , so pick your goal and join in the fun!


  • High Hill, 33 miles – (average of 2,357 steps per day over 4 weeks)
  • Kingdom City, 66 miles – ( average of 4,714 steps per day over 4 weeks)
  • Jefferson City, 95 miles – (average of 6,785 steps per day over 4 weeks)
  • Osage Beach, 139 miles – (average of 9,928 steps per day over 4 weeks)



You are welcome to participate as an individual or in teams of up to 4 members. Everyone will need to register through the challengerunner.com website. Those in teams will have an average of steps taken.