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We are kicking off an exciting new IDOC internal challenge for the month of May..... 

To coincide with the elevator renovations in the building, we'd like to kick off the 2018 IDOC Stair Challenge.

Together, with 34 peple in our organization, we've seat a goal to climb 5000 flights of stairs in May! This may seem to be alot, but it really equals out to less than 5 flights per person per day. 

If we meet this goal, we'll have a fun team celebration to enjoy our success togather! We'll also be awarding team & individual perizes, so get out there & start climbing! 

Also, remember that you can track your flights throughout your day, wheather you're at work, at home, or traveling. 

You have all been divided into teams by department & along with your group, you'll compete to see who can climb the most flights of stairs during the month. 

Please register for the event, & once you decide a name for your team please let Lisa know & she'll update it on the tracking site. 

Please note a couple of guidelines: 

  • For these purposes, a flight of stepsequals 10-13 stairs. Therefore, since there are 2 flights per floor at MerrittView, a climb from Lobby to 6th floor would equal 12 flights.
  • If you do the stair climber at the gym, that can count, However, this challenge is not meant to track other activity, so you can't substitute your morning run or your fitbit's reporting. 
  • Please be honest in your reporting! You're only cheating yourself
  • If you're going to go for a quick step session, grab a co-worker to go over some work topics & have your meeting on the go! 
  • Ideally you'd track your progress every day, but deadline for submitting your flights is within 3 days.
  • ONLY upstairs (not going down)
  • all guidlines subject to change

Now get stepping! 

Dave & the IDOC Social Committee 

Challenge runs May 1st -31st