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Oneida Wellness Council welcomes you to the Wellness Step by Step challenge!

The Wellness Step by Step challenge is an individual competition designed to promote wellness and engage employees by measuring and rewarding employees for the number of steps taken daily.  Oneida Wellness Council will be hosting the challenge through Challenge Runner, an online wellness application designed to allow employees to monitor their progress throughout the challenge easily.  The challenge is open to all Oneida Nation employees and will run from Monday, April 16th through Friday, August 31st.

To participate in the Wellness Step by Step challenge, enroll on the Challenge Runner website before 5:00 PM Sunday, April 15th.  The top 30 males and to 30 females at the end of week 10 and 20 will win prizes.

How it Works:

1. Track Your Steps

  • On the ChallengeRunner website, link your authorized fitness device (ex. FitBit, Apple Watch, etc.) or download and link the free “Moves” app.
  • Manually enter your steps by logging in to Challenge Runner or text your steps to: 1(513) 393-8843.  Use a pedometer or the step calculator provided by Oneida Family Fitness.  

NOTE:  Manual and text entries can be completed up to 2 days late.

2. View the Leaderboard

  • Download the ChallengeRunner app or go to the ChallengeRunner website to view the leaderboard.  Both update in real-time.

3. Walk, Walk, Walk

  • On Monday, April 16th, start walking (and don’t stop until Friday, August 31st)!  Remember – you will not be able to track steps or view the leaderboard until the competition officially starts on Monday, April 16th. 

All questions and concerns can be sent to Oneida Wellness Council at "mailto:owc@oneidanation.org" target="_blank" target="_blank" target="_blank" >owc@oneidanation.org .