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The Lillylife Challenge is designed to generate excitement, engagement, and fun. We are all busy professionals but it is important to take care of ourselves and hold each other accountable.

The Lillylife Challenge is a 4 week challenge starting Monday August 31st and ending Friday September 25th. There are 5 categories and you can earn 1 point per category each day. All that you have to do is go to the website and click a box if you completed that task for the day. It's simple, like Tradjenta :). 

5 categories 

1. 1 point for 30 min exercise daily.

2. 1 point per day for diet planning. (meal tracker, fitbit, My net Diary, hasfit.com, etc.)

3. 1 point per day for reading. (Books, Audiobooks, articles, Promo materials, PI's, etc.)

4. 1 point for reaching out to a district teammate.

5. 1 point for reaching out to someone from a different district or department.