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We've got a big staff team and many of us don't get a chance to get to know each other outside of our work. It's also that time of year for New Years Resolutions. Let's work together to reach our fitness goals and become a closer family along the way.

This isn't about stepping on a scale in front of people or everyone working out for hours and living on nothing but protien shakes. It's about all of us taking steps toward our own goals. In other words we aren't competing against each other, we're competing against ourselves. 

For many of us we need motivation so here it is. We are each going to pay an entry fee. All the participants will be formed into teams of 4 to 5 and compete against each other for points. We will use the fee to have weekly smoothie bars at the office, give misc prizes and finish the whole thing off with a grand prize for the winning team.

This is open to all Lifepointe Staff and spouses but is particpiation by choice. If you join, take it seriously but remember the biggest goal is to have fun and connect more.