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Welcome to Liberty Athletic Club's REVUP 2019 new year's challenge!

Teams of two will record thier physical activty and wellness habits through the Challenge Runner online platform.  Participants will log their activity through the mobile app or challengerunner.com desktop site.

There will be cash prizes given to the 3 highest scoring teams and LAC gift cards for 4th and 5th place:

1st place: $500

2nd place: $200

3rd place: $100

4th place: 2 - $50 LAC gift cards

5th place: 2 - $25 LAC gift cards

A team's total points are based on the average of each team member's score in each category. There are 9 categories:

Cardiovascular Exercise: (max 1 point per week)

Resistance Exercise: (max 1 point per week)

Flexibility Exercise: (max 1 point per week)

Hydration:(max 1 point per week)

Sleep:(max 1 point per week)

Fruit & Vegetables:(max 1 point per week)

Daily Steps:(max 1 point per week)

Class Participation:(max 1 point per week)

Service Participation:(max 1 point per week)