ChallengeRunner Integration for Slack

Simplify challenge communications and maximize participant engagement by enabling the integration for Slack

To use ChallengeRunner within the Slack platform, you will need both a Slack account as well as a Commercial or Enterprise ChallengeRunner account. Click the Register Your Organization button to regsiter for a free-trial and create an administrator account.
Once you have a ChallengeRunner admin account, click the Integrate With Slack button to log in using your admin credentials and link ChallengeRunner to your existing Slack account.

Simplify Communications
The ChallengeRunner platform already allows administrators to build wellness challenges based on virtually any metric. By integrating with Slack, inter-challenge communications becomes much simpler by leveraging the excellent Slack platform

Maximize Participation
With ChallengeRunner, participants could always interact with their wellness challenges using the website or smartphone apps. With Slack, participants can access their challenges using the same tool they use all day without switching context

Challenge Updates
Slack provides an always-on platform for sending and receiving messages. If enabled by the admin, ChallengeRunner will send daily leaderboard updates as well as event notifications such as "A new challenge is available in the ChallengeRunner app"

Challenge enrollment from home page
Challenge Enrollment

Normally, the challenge enrollment flow for participants can be difficult. The admin must create an invitation link and then somehow send the link to allow participants to join the challenge. Provided that the participants receive the invitation, those interested must perform some operations to navigate to the enrollment form so that they can create an account.

How To

  1. Potential participants click the ChallengeRunner tab in the Slack navigation pane
  2. Click the Enroll button next to any challenge the participant would like to join
  3. If available for the selected challenge, participants can choose to join a team or authorize a fitness tracker

Challenge interaction in Slack
Challenge Interaction

Automatic syncing can transfer fitness data from the most popular fitness trackers which minimizes the need to need to manually enter data. However, this only works with activities that trackers can collect data leaving out many aspects of wellness such as nutrition, water consumption, mental fitness, etc. For those activities, data must be manually entered by the user using the ChallengeRunner website or smartphone apps.

By integrating with Slack, participants can directly interact with the challenge without switching context from the communication platform that they use all day.

How To

  1. Challenge participants click the ChallengeRunner tab in the Slack navigation pane
  2. Data for the current date is shown by default. To view / edit data for a prior date, use the Select a date dropdown
  3. Updated leaderboards are available for participants to view. Click for an expanded view
  4. If the challenge activity allows manual entry:
    • For text-based activities, enter the desired value in the provided textbox and hit Enter
    • For true / false or multiple-choice activities, select the desired option
    • For image-based activities, click the Upload Image button and select the desired image from the resulting popup

Challenge updates in Slack channel
Challenge Updates

Challenge updates are essential for an effective challenge by providing participants with event communications such as new challenge notices, start, and end dates. In addition, updates can provide feedback on leaderboard standings. To view challenge updates, a participant can click the associated Slack channel.

How To

  1. Log into the website using your admin Id and password
  2. If necessary, select the desired challenge from the Challenges dropdown
  3. Click the Edit Challenge button next to the challenge name
  4. If not already enabled, select the desired Slack Collaboration Channel
  5. Check the Event Updates and Daily Leaderboard checkboxes
  6. Click the Save button