The Fitness Challenge Handbook

Designing The Challenge

Walking / Pedometer Challenge

The idea of the walking challenge is to award the victory to the participant that has accumulated the highest total number of steps. Since a walking challenge usually uses a pedometer to measure the number of steps taken, the terms walking challenge and pedometer challenge are used interchangeably.
A pedometer is a small device that the participant attaches to his or her clothing first thing in the morning measuring the number of steps taken throughout the day. This value is then added to a log and the results are compared at the conclusion of the challenge to determine the victor.
Because of the low-impact nature of walking and the proven health benefits of this mode of exercise, walking challenges are an effective way to get employees of all fitness levels involved in your wellness competition. However, you should also be aware that, while a participant who is unfit will receive tremendous benefits from this type of challenge, they will probably also lose the challenge to healthier employees who use the pedometer during their daily run. This can have a negative impact on participation and engagement particularly over multiple challenge cycles.
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