The Fitness Challenge Handbook

Designing The Challenge

Timeliness with respect to fitness challenges deals with both participant feedback and challenge length.


The last principle of effective goal setting is making the goal timely. The length of your wellness challenge is a major consideration and it can endanger your challenge’s success if it is extended out too far. In order to encourage participants to continue in the challenge with maximum effort, you must make the end of the challenge in the near future: one or two months. Even though the overall wellness program goals will be focused over the long-term, break the period up into bite-sized chunks. This provides two major motivators for your participants:
  1. Shorter periods are easier for participants to maintain their focus and less chance for interruptions (sickness, family emergency, etc.)
  2. The next challenge will be available for participants to compete in if he or she falls behind or fails in the current challenge.
The “Timely” concept can also apply to the feedback participants receive from the program administrator. Timely feedback on participant standings in the challenge is a major motivator. This will be discussed in depth in the “Running the Challenge” chapter.
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