The Fitness Challenge Handbook

Launching The Challenge

Inviting all employees is the start of a successful fitness challenge

Inviting Participants

All employees should be invited to join the wellness challenge which is why, at least at first; the challenge mode should be generic enough to allow everyone to compete. How you send invitations is up to you and the systems you have available.
Systems such as and give you the following options:
  • Generating a link that allows employees to join when clicked from an email or newsletter
  • Ability to add participants either individually or in bulk from a spreadsheet
  • Ability to add prior participants back into a new challenge
While systems such as these make administration easier, they are not required. Email can be used for communications and a spreadsheet to track participants. Once again, it is more important that you are able to reach all your employees and they feel they can compete in the challenge. In some cases, your employees may not have corporate email addresses. Obviously, it is important they know how to enroll in the challenge so that the program administrator can track them.

Challenge Cutoff Date

Generally, you will not want to continue accepting new participants throughout the challenge since it will eventually degrade the challenge for those who have been involved from the start. However, you want as many participants as possible so turning employees away is not in the program’s best interest. Try setting a hard cutoff date shortly after the start of the challenge which will allow stragglers into the program without angering those already enrolled.
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