The Fitness Challenge Handbook

Designing The Challenge

The Challenge Definition Document details all fitness challenge aspects for participants

Challenge Definition Document

The Challenge Definition Document is used to clearly state the purpose, scope and rules of the fitness competition. At a minimum this document should contain:
  • The challenge name
  • The starting and ending dates
  • The mode of the challenge (what activity or attribute will be measured and compared)
  • How participant data will be collected and entered into the system
  • Any rules concerning data entry or the challenge in general
  • All available awards and how they will be distributed
  • The enrollment procedure and last date for enrollment
  • If teams will be used and how to start or join a team
  • The method used to provide feedback to participants
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
After you have created and distributed the Challenge Definition Document, the only part that should change is the FAQ section in order to clarify details. If you must modify other sections due to unforeseen circumstances, make sure that all participants are aware of the change.
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