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  • ​AFD Activity ​Club will meet weekly, (Saturdays at 8:00 A.M.) for an hour of run/hike/walk. If you are late, there is option to join after 8:00 A.M. if you are participating virtually.
  • ​Steps for the day will be entered manually into challenge Runner each Saturday. If you forget to enter your steps on Saturday you will have until the end of day on Sunday to enter them.​
  • ​Check-in is done by entering your steps into Challenge Runner.
  • If meeting in person, location is YMCA parking lot on Concord Road, Brentwood
  • It’s not a race or competition. Everyone will go at their own pace or speed.
  • Membership is open to anyone interested and is free of cost.
  • There will be milestones every 3 months and meeting milestones will earn you a gift.
  • In case of a tie the winner will be determined by arm wrestling match.