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Step Conversion Activity

exercise minutes to steps activity

How to create an exercise minutes to steps conversion activity

Step or “walking” challenges continue to be the most popular type of competition used by wellness programs throughout the world. While steps certainly do not give a full picture of health and fitness, they are easily counted by a number of devices and the step has become a default unit of measure for fitness in general.

However, there are many exercises that are either hard to track with step counters or do not result in many steps such as swimming, stretching, or Pilates. For those, we need a different tool for entering the exercise type and minutes and then converting them to steps. The ChallengeRunner Step Conversion activity type was created for this purpose.

How To

  1. After creating a challenge, click the Add Activity button.
  2. If you are using the Commercial or Enterprise edition and using fitness trackers in your activity, select No and click Next.
  3. Select Step Conversion from the Field Type options. The name will automatically be set to "Select Activity and Minutes" but you can change it if desired.
  4. (Optional) Click the Additional Options link to set the maximum number of daily minutes that can be entered by the participant.
  5. Click Next to select the defaults until you the last screen where the activity Start and End dates are entered and click Finish.
  • Conversion Ratio Source: America on the Move; Healthy Steps to Albany and Purdue University.
  • The Step Conversion activity is manual entry only and not available for automatically syncing with fitness trackers.
  • This activity type will work for one exercise per day. create multiple Steps Conversion activities to allow the participant to enter minutes for multiple exercises per day.
The Steps Conversion activity type can be used on its own but is most often created with a Steps Walked activity that can accept tracker data or manual entry.
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