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Organization Settings - Group Page

organization settings - group page

The Group Page option is available to simplify the process of enrolling participants and allows admins to relay relevant leaderboard information. By using a Group Page, the admin can set their own subdomain for so employees of Acme can navigate to to log in and register for challenges. In addition, if Open Enrollment is selected, participants can register for your challenges on the Group Page as well. This can be particularly helpful if your organization is running multiple challenges at the same time. The following steps are required to configure the Group Page:

How To

  1. Select the Settings option under Organization in the upper right corner of the Admin page.
  2. The Organization Settings dialog will appear. The Group Page tab should be open by default.
  3. Click the Yes option next to Enable Group Page.
  4. In the textbox next to https://, enter the subdomain that your participants will use to navigate to your group page. The subdomain can be up to 20 letters and numbers (no spaces or special characters). If your subdomain is already in use, you will be notified to enter a different name.
  5. If you would like to allow your participants to enroll in your challenge from your group page, click the Yes option next to Allow open challenge enrollment on Group Page.
    Note: Even though you select to allow open enrollment or public leaderboards on your Group Page, you can turn these options off at the challenge level by selecting your challenge (if necessary) and then clicking the Edit Challenge button.
  6. If you would like to display a public leaderboard on your Group Page, click Yes next to that option.
    Note: This option will allow a challenge leaderboard to be displayed publicly on the Group Page. You must also enable the Group Page leaderboard on the Edit Challenge dialog. Only choose to allow public leaderboards if you are certain that it will not violate your organization’s rules concerning private health information (PHI).
  7. If you would like to display a Daily Leader Carousel on your Group Page, click Yes next to that option.
    Note: This option will allow a challenge daily leader carousel to be displayed publicly on the Group Page. You must also enable Display the prior days leader on the Edit Challenge dialog.
  8. Click Save.

Open Challenge Enrollment

If you are not using a Group Page or have not chosen to enable open enrollment for the group page, you may still enable open enrollment for your challenge. The three options include:

  • Open enrollment not allowed.
  • Members may enroll themselves in available challenges - This option allows any participant who logs into ChallengeRunner to join any available group challenges.
  • Automatically enroll members in available challenges during registration or login (Excluding Admins) - This option will enroll participants automatically in any available group challenges when they log in or register.

Challenge Comments Panel

The Challenge Comments panel allows participants and / or admins to post messages or images to everyone participating in the challenge. This feature is is designed to promote camaraderie amongst challenge participants. The options include:

  • Only admin(s) may post comments
  • Everyone may post comments
    • All posts are auto approved
    • Admin must approve posts
  • Remove comment panel
  • The first Admin Only option is useful for providing one-way communication with all challenge participants whereas the second option allows all participants and admins to post messages. If you have reason to believe that posts need to be moderated, select the Admin must approve posts option. However, this will require the admin to manually approve or deny each post before it is allowed on the user log page.
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