Admin How-To Guide

Activity Types

ChallengeRunner allows the admin to create challenge activities that collect almost any type of data using a variety of methods. While setting up activities is generally a simple, straight-forward process, there are a few common activities that require a little extra help.

QR Code Based Activity

In a QR code based activity, the admin creates a true / false or multiple choice activity and then provides participants with QR codes for each "choice" that a participant can scan to receive credit. Click here for more information on creating a QR Code activity.

Daily Quiz Activity

Wellness challenges should do more than collect steps. A well-planned challenge will not only provide feedback on activities users are participating in, it should also educate them on better lifestyle choices. The Daily Quiz activity will do that. Click here for more information on creating a quiz-style activity.

Quiz-Style Single Entry Activity

Most challenge activities allow the user to edit their choices for at least a little while after they are chosen; however, occasionally a quiz-style multiple choice activity is necessary in order to "lock in" the users selection after it is made. Click here for more information on creating a manual quiz-style activity.

Step Conversion Activity

The step conversion activity type allows participants to manually select an exercise activity and number of minutes and automatically converts the data to steps. Click here for more information on creating an exercise minutes to steps conversion activity.

Tiered Tracker Activity

Activity data from fitness trackers is collected by ChallengeRunner as a numeric value. However, is can also be converted to multiple choice "tiers" if needed for the challenge. Click here for more information on creating a tiered tracker activity.

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