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30-Day Activity Challenge

Welcome to the Swift Currie 30-Day Activity Challenge that encourages you to become more active every day doing the activities that you choose. Examples of activities may include (but are not limited to) running, walking, playing sports, doing yardwork, cleaning house - any activity that gets you up and moving is eligible. 

To receive credit, you must log into the ChallengeRunner.com system each day and log your minutes of activity. At the conclusion of the 30 Day Activity Challenge, all participants who record a minimum of 600 minutes of total activity (20 minutes average daily)will be recognized and the top 3 participants with the most minutes of activity recorded will be receive prizes. 

Please note the following:

  • In the leaderboard, each participant is able to see how many days they have recorded. Other participant's days will not be seen.
  • Rest days count towards the total days so record them as well.
  • Activities should be recorded and logged every day; however, participants may enter activities taken up to three days past the current date.  Activity minutes cannot be entered more than 3 days after the date they were earned.

Any questions should be directed to Kiederra Hamilton at extension 6238 or Renee Meeks at extension 6250.